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Medical Student Research is Flourishing at NYMC

The 23rd Annual Medical Student Research Forum on February 7, was a showcase of a wide variety of basic science and clinical research conducted by medical students.

February 11, 2019
Medical Student Research Forum Group Photo
23rd Annual Medical Student Research Forum

Dr. Gass presented “The Law of Unintended Consequences,” sharing his experience and expertise in the field of heart transplantation and the evolution of mechanical circulatory support devices in advanced heart failure treatment and their limitations.

The Medical Student Research Forum is organized by the Medical Student Research Committee whose aim is to further educate and support medical students and physicians in the discipline of scientific research, and recognize that with a strong fundamental understanding of the relationships between medical research and the practice of medicine future physicians may more thoroughly serve their patients and their communities.

“In addition to the record-breaking number of presentations, this year’s forum is notable for the quality of the research--some of which has been published already--and the percentage of projects (51 percent) that were conducted under the mentorship of NYMC faculty. There is a vibrant culture of student research in the School of Medicine,” said Mary M. Petzke, Ph.D., assistant dean for medical student research and assistant professor of microbiology and immunology.  

23rd Annual Medical Student Research Forum Awards

Dean’s Research Award 

Michael Iorga, SOM Class of 2019 (not pictured)
Testicular Torsion: Effects of Age and Duration of Torsion on Testicular Survival 

Oral Presentations

First Place

Jessica Palmer, SOM Class of 2021 (second from right)
Anti-PD-a Therapy for Advanced Melanoma: Long-term Outcomes and Responses to Retreatment

Second Place

Jasmin Mahabamunuge, SOM Class of 2021 (third from right)
Association of Proinflammatory and Proinsulinemic Food Groups with Maternal Postpartum Weight Retention

Basic Science Posters

First Place

Andrew Long, SOM Class of 2021 (third from left)
Assessing the MET D1228N Mutation as a Mechanism of Acquired Resistance to Cabozantinib in a ROS-fusion Positive Patient

Second Place

Kelvin Zheng, SOM Class of 2021 (second from left)
Enhanced Anticancer Effect by Combination of Proteoglucan and Vitamin K3 on Bladder Cancer Cells 

Clinical Science Posters

First Place 

Kevin Hill, SOM Class of 2021 (far right)
Characteristics and Management of Chronic Pain in the Palajunoj Valley of Guatemala

Second Place

Beemnet Neway, SOM Class of 2022 (far left)
Characteristics Associated with Positive Domestic Safety Screening in a Pediatric Emergency Department

23rd Annual Medical Student Research Forum