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New Faculty Member Brings Groundbreaking Diabetes Research Program to NYMC

New York Medical College (NYMC) welcomes a rising star in diabetes research, Ercument Dirice, Ph.D., who joined the College community in April as assistant professor of pharmacology.

August 12, 2019
Ercument Dirice, Ph.D. Headshot
Ercument Dirice, Ph.D.

“I am passionate about expanding our diabetes programs and supporting all types of research at the College,” says Dr. Nadler, “I’m excited to have Dr. Dirice join our faculty and bring his groundbreaking diabetes research program to NYMC.”

“We are fortunate to have Dr. Dirice, a talented and highly innovative investigator who undoubtedly will contribute tremendously to our research mission,” says Michal Laniado Schwartzman, Ph.D., professor and chair of the Department of Pharmacology.

Most recently, Dr. Dirice’s groundbreaking study on how the robust proliferation of beta cells may reshape the immune system—and ultimately increase resistance to type 1 diabetes, gained international recognition when it was published in the May issue of Nature Metabolism.  

According to Dr. Schwartzman, Dr. Dirice’s recent breakthrough uncovers a novel strategy to preserve the immunological self-tolerance of islets by enhancing beta-cell mass early in life and inducing regulatory T cells. “This major breakthrough in type 1 diabetes research has significant translational implications. It is also the basis for Dr. Dirice’s research program here at NYMC,” she says.