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NYMC Welcomes Visitors from South Korea

Student visitors from Sejong Academy of Science and Arts took a tour of the campus

August 03, 2018
Korean Students Tour
Korean Students Tour

The high school students, considered to be elite in the math and science field, were on a ten-day tour of the United States that included visits to Princeton University, Yale University, MIT, Harvard University, and Cornell University. The tour, led by Padraic Reynolds, M.P.H. ’14, associate dean for academic administration, School of Medicine, included information about NYMC history and stops in the Medical Education Center, the Health Sciences Library, the Radiology Suite, laboratories in the Basic Sciences Building, and a look at the Touro College of Dental Medicine simulation center. The day was capped off with a Q & A session with Dana G. Mordue, Ph.D., interim dean of the Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences and associate professor of microbiology and immunology.