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Reception Recognizes Preceptors for Their Important Role in Medical Education

31 Area Physicians Were Hailed for 15 to 35 Years of Service

June 25, 2024
Preceptor Reception 2024

“Because of the pandemic, it has been five years since the last gathering, and we were so excited to be able to come together again to show appreciation for all the incredible work so many of our preclinical preceptors have been doing for so long,” said Jeanne Wilson, M.D., Phase 1 curriculum co-director. “The preclinical preceptor program provides such an important opportunity for the M2 students to transition their skills from the classroom to actual clinical practice. Through their feedback, many have commented on what an amazing experience they have had and how much they have learned, all made possible by the commitment the preclinical preceptors have to the NYMC students.”

The following physicians were recognized with Preceptor Recognition Awards:

15 Years of Service 
Maura Angiello-Smith, M.D. 
Sofia Din, M.D. 
Maria de la Morena, M.D.  
Deborah Shapiro, M.D. 
Mohammed Tantawi, M.D.

20 Years of Service
Rajesh Bisnauth, M.D. 
David Costabile, M.D. 
Traci Gardner, M.D.
Steve Moshman, M.D.
John Rafalli, M.D. 
Alicia Rieger, M.D. 

25 Years of Service
Scott Bookner, M.D. 
Jennifer Henkind, M.D. 
Glenn Kaplan, M.D. 
Barnard Laitman, M.D. 
David Lans, M.D. 
Ana Paula Machado, M.D. 
Nahid Majd, M.D. 
Todd Schiffer, M.D. 
Lori Semel, M.D. 
Mona Tantawi, M.D. 
Jay Weissbrot, M.D. 
Carol Wurzel, M.D. 

30 Years of Service
Lawrence Baskind, M.D. 
Stuart Beeber, M.D.
Thomas Militana, M.D. 
Brian Quinn, M.D. 
Wellington Tichenor, M.D. 
Veronica Zaharia, M.D. 

35 Years of Service 
Eliot Moshman, M.D. 
William Zarowitz, M.D.