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SOM Celebrates Gold Humanism Honor Society Class of 2023 Induction

The inductees affirmed their dedication to going above and beyond for their patients.

May 09, 2022

Jerry L. Nadler, M.D., MACP, FAHA, FACE, dean of the School of Medicine (SOM) and professor of medicine and pharmacology, presented opening remarks, explaining the origin of the GHHS which was founded by Arnold P. Gold, M.D., who made it a focal point to treat patients with empathy and respect. Dr. Nadler told the story of his mentor, the late Rachmiel Levine, M.D., former chair of medicine, who despite his own hardships, prioritized humanism. “[Dr. Levine] inspired a whole generation of students, residents and even a dean, to continue in professing the excellence of caring physicians,” Dr. Nadler said.

Introductions by Amanda Scudder, Juliet Jacobson and Aitan Magence, members of the SOM Class of 2022, led the presentation of the Arnold P. Gold Foundation-sponsored Leonard Tow Award for Humanism in Medicine for faculty to Grace Pinto Britton, M.D., clinical assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences. The award is given to a graduate and a faculty member who best demonstrate the ideals of outstanding compassion, cultural sensitivity and respect for patients, along with clinical excellence. Dr. Pinto Britton spoke about her own challenges managing the hardships and anxiety of treating patients, confronting one’s own preconceptions and encouraged students to always find the energy to treat all patients with their emotions in mind. “I have no doubt that each and every field you choose will be rewarding, but always remember that no matter what field you go into, you have to be a human first,” Dr. Pinto Britton said.

The student Leonard Tow Award for Humanism in Medicine was presented to Saman Baban, SOM Class of 2022, after an emotional introduction by classmate Ojiugo Onwumere,  who thanked Mr. Baban for being extremely supportive during their four years in the SOM. Mr. Baban spoke about how membership in the GHHS is meant guide students throughout their career as physicians. “It is important to remember that induction to the GHHS is a lifelong responsibility that requires upholding the values of this organization, which I am sure you all will,” Mr. Baban said.

Mr. Baban, along with members of the GHHS Class of 2022, called the names of the GHHS Class of 2023 as they were presented with certificates and pins by Jennifer L. Koestler, M.D., senior associate dean for medical education and associate professor of pediatrics and medicine. 

All members of the GHHS then recited the GHHS oath, as inductees for the first time affirmed their commitment to humanism. Dr. Koestler closed the ceremony with an address to the inductees, establishing the responsibility they have to remain true to GHHS values. “It's your responsibility to take the lead of your predecessors and elevate all aspects of our learning environment with humanism, integrity, compassion, respect and inclusion,” Dr. Koestler said. “It is your responsibility to be exemplars of compassionate care and serve as role models mentors and leaders to all members of our community.”

GHHS Class of 2023 Inductees:

* Legacy Induction

Redab Alnifaidy

Joshua Buckley, SOM Class of 2022

Alexandrina Danilov, SOM Class of 2022

Deepika Dhawan, SOM Class of 2022

Tiffany Dial, SOM Class of 2022

Clara Dutton-Kneaves, SOM Class of 2022

Penelope Farris, SOM Class of 2022

Josselyn Galdamez, SOM Class of 2022

Holly Grace, SOM Class of 2022

Sarriyah Hanif, SOM Class of 2022

Samuel Honig, SOM Class of 2022* Brother of Jesse Honig, M.D. ’21, GHHS ‘21

Joshua Hsu, SOM Class of 2022

Eliana Jacobson, SOM Class of 2022* Sister of Juliet Jacobson, GHHS ‘22

Madison Kasoff, SOM Class of 2022

Victoria Levy, SOM Class of 2022

Hannah Litwa, SOM Class of 2022

Abigail Marriott, SOM Class of 2022

Ami Merker, SOM Class of 2022

Yazan Nagi, SOM Class of 2022

Anandhini Narayanan, SOM Class of 2022

Danielle Newbury, SOM Class of 2022

Carl Palad, SOM Class of 2022

Forouhideh Peyvandi, SOM Class of 2022

Brinda Raval, SOM Class of 2022

Parvathy Retnakumar, SOM Class of 2022

Bessie Roca, SOM Class of 2022

Alexandra Schulz, SOM Class of 2022

Jessica Sensbach, SOM Class of 2022

Zehavya Stadlan, SOM Class of 2022

Donique Thorpe, SOM Class of 2022

David Yacynych, SOM Class of 2022

Linda Ye, SOM Class of 2022

Ebtisam Zeynu, SOM Class of 2022   


GHHS Class of 2023 Induction Ceremony