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The Office of Public Safety Is Committed to Keeping NYMC Safe and Secure

The Office of Public Safety is dedicated to maintaining a safe campus environment through a litany of services available to students, staff and faculty.

January 31, 2022
Robert Lancia, M.A.

In a few sentences, what are the overall responsibilities of the Office?

The Office of Public Safety is responsible for the overall safety and security of the Valhalla campus.  We provide 24/7 coverage of our buildings and grounds, monitoring the access control system and more than 200 surveillance cameras we have on campus. We have more than 20 officers assigned to campus, and each has been trained to meet the needs of our campus community with an emphasis on professionalism and customer service.  

How would you describe the day-to-day functions of the Office? 

The Office of Public Safety handles a host of responsibilities throughout the day, and no two days are the same. The campus hosts approximately 4,000 people on campus daily. Each person has their own needs, and we try to meet those needs. Public Safety coordinates with various organizers scheduling events, manages the emergency notification system and parking and access control, updates the website with current information and finds solutions to ensure your safety on campus.

The backbone of Public Safety is the team of officers assigned to our campus.  They traverse campus throughout the day handling a wide range of calls.  These calls for service vary daily but some of the more common calls are for safety escorts, medical situations, lock outs, minor disputes, alarms and controlling access to campus. Additionally, officers are assigned to motor and foot patrol, the NYMC Command Center, fixed posts in the Medical Education Center, 19 Skyline Drive and Student Housing, as well as operating the Campus Shuttle. 

What is the most-asked question from students and faculty about the Office? How do you respond to those questions?

“Where can I park on campus?” is probably the most frequently asked question. Parking permits are required to park on campus and may be obtained by students, staff and faculty at the Public Safety office. 

What do you find most interesting or most rewarding about working in the Office?

I truly enjoy helping others. Public Safety serves such a broad function on campus in that “help” comes in many shapes and sizes.  Presently my focus is on constantly improving the team of Public Safety officers by mentoring and training my staff to better serve our campus community.  

What is one useful tip you can give to students or faculty?

The College generously offers a Campus Shuttle to transport staff and students around our campus.  Leave your car parked and use the shuttle, if needed. For questions or to request a pickup, you can call the Office of Public Safety at (914) 594-4226.