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The Risks of COVID-19 Pre-print Data

November 29, 2020

Neil W. SchlugerThe investigators, led by Neil Schluger, MD, of the New York Medical College, observed that many articles which had not undergone traditional peer review were already subject to widespread dissemination.

Faculty news: Neil W. Schluger, M.D., the Barbara and William Rosenthal Chair of the Department of Medicine


Immune responses during embryo development could increase risk of schizophrenia

November 27, 2020

Generic NYMC in the News Logo"While we now known that cortical interneurons are affected by maternal immune activation, the mechanism through which they are affected is still poorly understood," Sangmi Chung, one of the researchers who carried out the study, told Medical Xpress.

Faculy news: Sangmi Chung, Ph.D., associate professor of cell biology & anatomy, neurology, and psychiatry & behavioral sciences

Medical Press

Westchester Doctor: Symptoms of COVID-19 Can Linger

November 25, 2020

Generic NYMC in the News LogoEven originally asymptomatic patients have felt these lingering effects long after the virus has left their system, said Dr. Carol Karmen, an internal medicine specialist and long-time Yorktown resident.

Faculty news: Carol L. Karmen, M.D., clinical professor of medicine


The challenges Pfizer faces distributing its Covid-19 vaccine to the masses

November 25, 2020

Robert AmlerDr. Amler advised that people continue to practice the “Four Ws” until further notice. “Wash hands, wear masks, watch social distance and walk away from groups of people,” he said. “We must remain alert for symptoms, get tested when appropriate, and observe applicable isolation and quarantine guidelines.”

NYMC Leadership News: Robert W. Amler, M.D., M.B.A., dean of the School of Health Sciences and Practice and vice president for government affairs


1 in 6 COVID cases in NY hit college-aged people this fall. Now, they're coming home

November 23, 2020

Robert AmlerBut convincing people to forgo holiday gatherings and follow COVID-19 precautions, such as mask wearing, will still be integral to limiting the severity of the suffering as the nation awaits delivery of an eventual vaccine.

NYMC Leadership news: Robert W. Amler, M.D., M.B.A., dean of the School of Health Sciences and Practice and vice president for government affairs


NYMC Awarded Grant for Clinical Skills and Simulation Center

November 23, 2020

Generic NYMC in the News LogoNYMC is one of four organizations to receive 2020 training grants from The Children’s Dream Foundation (CDF), an organization working to advance pediatric emergency medicine in New York’s Hudson Valley region, during a very competitive grant cycle. (see page 20)

New York Medical College news: Katharine Yamulla, M.A., CHSE, senior director of competency-based assessment and clinical skills education and director of the Clinical Skills and Simulation Center

The WAG Magazine

Donald Trump’s Final Act of Narcissism

November 20, 2020

Edward HalperinTrump lives in a reality TV show world where everything is about him. He made the election about him and the American people listened, responded, and fired him.

NYMC Leadership news: Edward C. Halperin, M.D., M.A., chancellor and chief executive officer

The Globe Post

CDC Issues Warning, Guidelines for Thanksgiving Travelers

November 19, 2020

Robert Amler“Not everyone has a giant home in which people can be in different rooms,” he said. Dr. Amler says it really is best to keep it to the household and celebrate together later, when there’s a vaccine.

NYMC Leadership news: Robert W. Amler, M.D., M.B.A., dean of the School of Health Sciences and Practice and vice president for government affairs

CBS News

Meet the Future Black Doctors of the Diversity in Medicine Scholarship Contest

November 18, 2020

Oluwa Toba Akinleye, School of Medicine Class of 2024“I believe that as a future doctor, I will lead with compassion and empathy... I plan to return to South Los Angeles with my Medical Degree to heal, serve, and inspire my community.”

NYMC Student news: Oluwa Toba Akinleye, School of Medicine Class of 2024

Dr. Oz

Herd immunity isn’t a strategy, it’s giving up on one | Opinion

November 17, 2020

Generic NYMC in the News Logo"It would be great if COVID-19 would simply go away, and even better if getting there didn’t require us to do all that much. The problem is that viruses and pandemics don’t work that way. It is urgent we find a way to stop the spread, or even slow it down, so we can save lives."

Faculty news: David Shabtai, M.D., adjunct assistant professor of medicine

Sun Sentinel

Westchester Power 100: 51-100

November 16, 2020

Generic NYMC in the News LogoThe movers and shakers rocking New York City’s northern suburbs.

NYMC Leadership news: Robert W. Amler, M.D., M.B.A., dean of the School of Health Sciences and Practice and vice president for government affairs, Susan W. Fox, Ph.D., associate professor of health policy and management and director of the Center on Disability and Health, Lindsay C. Farrell, M.B.A., instructor of family and community medicine, Michael D. Israel, M.P.H., assistant professor of medicine

City and State New York

A Doctor Breaks Down Moderna's ‘Exciting' COVID-19 Vaccination News

November 16, 2020

Robert G. Lahita, M.D.Moderna announced Monday that preliminary data from its phase 3 trial showed its coronavirus vaccine is more than 94% effective in preventing COVID-19. Dr. Bob Lahita, a clinical professor at New York Medical College and the Chairman of the Department of Medicine at St. Joseph’s Healthcare System, breaks down the news.

Faculty news: Robert G. Lahita, M.D., Ph.D., professor of medicine


Five minutes in healthcare - featuring Dr. Padmini Murthy

November 16, 2020

Padmini MurthyWe talk about Dr. Murthy's new book, which examines the role of technology in promoting public health, and the big picture challenges facing global efforts to advocate women's health and wellbeing.

Faculty news: Padmini Murthy, M.D., M.P.H., M.S., M.Phil., CHES, professor of public health and global health director and clinical assistant professor of family and community medicine, Amy Ansehl, M.S.N., D.N.P., FNP-BC, assistant dean, associate professor of public health practice, executive director of the Partnership for a Healthy Population and assistant professor of family and community medicine

Healthcare Business

The Latest “Breakthrough Therapy”: Expensive New Drugs for Tardive Dyskinesia

November 15, 2020

Generic NYMC in the News LogoLeslie Citrome, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at New York Medical College, and colleagues put forth three arguments to support Neurocrine’s claim that only a small percentage of patients with TD have been diagnosed and treated.

Faculty news: Leslie L. Citrome, M.D., M.P.H., clinical professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences

Mad in America

COVID-19 medical articles draw major attention to preprint servers

November 13, 2020

Neil W. Schluger"With extraordinary interest in COVID-related research, everyone wants to know the latest information - and they wanted to know it yesterday," said senior author Dr. Neil Schluger of New York Medical College.

Faculty news: Neil W. Schluger, M.D., the Barbara and William Rosenthal Chair of the Department of Medicine

M.D. Alert

New study by Dr. Nader Abraham discusses potential role of HO-1 regulation via natural ingredients

November 13, 2020

Generic NYMC in the News LogoThe study looks into the pivotal role of antivirals and natural ingredients—such as TriNutra’s ThymoQuin™—to help prevent cytokine storms. Increased production of cytokines and reactive oxygen species (ROS) in the inflammatory response results in the competitive inhibition of heme oxygenase (HO-1) and subsequent loss of cytoprotection. Increasing HO-1 provides additional antioxidant activity and decreases the amount of heme content in the kidney.

Faculty news: Nader G. Abraham, Ph.D., Dr.(h.c.), FAHA, professor of medicine and pharmacology

Nutraceuticals Now

Coronavirus and Face Masks: Everything You Need to Know Right Now

November 13, 2020

Robert AmlerN95 masks and other surgical respirators may be able to effectively filter the air you're breathing due to a tight seal around the face, but single-use medical masks and cloth-based masks that are being sold online are not designed to do so.

NYMC Leadership news: Robert W. Amler, M.D., M.B.A., dean of the School of Health Sciences and Practice and vice president for government affairs

Good Housekeeping

As Covid cases take off in Pike County, we must redouble our efforts to stay safe

November 11, 2020

Dr. Robert OllarWe have worked together as a community to raise awareness, reduce transmission, and provide care for those affected by the virus itself as well as by the economic consequences of the shutdown.

Faculty news: Robert A. Ollar, Ph.D., clinical assistant professor of neurology

Pike Country Courier

The Most Important Qualities for the Good Doctor

November 11, 2020

William H. Frishman, M.D.Recently, on ward internal medicine inpatient rounds, one of us asked the residents and students what they considered to be the most important quality in a good doctor. Not surprisingly, most of my team members felt that a large and complete fund of knowledge in internal medicine was the most important quality.

Faculty news: William H. Frishman, M.D., chair emeritus of the Department of Medicine and professor of medicine

The American Journal of Medicine

Not wearing a mask or social distancing during COVID? Doctor refers to this as fatal denial

November 10, 2020

Generic NYMC in the News LogoIt is frequently asked why it is so hard to control the spread of COVID-19, which has infected millions of people worldwide and killed more than a million.


Faculty news: Michael Blumenfield, M.D., professor emeritus of psychiatry and behavioral sciences

The Virginia Gazette

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