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Obituary: Basil S. Hilaris, M.D.

July 10, 2018

Born in Athens, Greece on September 3rd, 1928 to Anna and Stavros Hilaris, with his childhood during World War II and the Greek Civil War. He went on to graduate from the National University of Athens Medical School in 1955 with his Medical Degree. The same year he immigrated to the United States, to the New York area and in 1957 he started working at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center as a Radiation Oncologist and was a Professor at the Weill Cornell Medical College. He was one of the Pioneers in the field of Brachytherapy, the insertion of Radioactive Seeds in the treatment of various forms of cancer. Serving as Chief of the Brachytherapy Service, he was also a President of the American Brachytherapy Society and among his many awards, in 1996; he was the first recipient of the Marie Curie Gold Medal Award, presented for a major contribution in the development of the field of Brachytherapy.

NYMC faculty: Basil S. Hilaris, M.D., professor emeritus of radiation medicine

The New York Times

Here and Now

July 10, 2018

At 10 a.m., New York Medical College and several state elected officials announce an increase in funding for the The Center of Excellence in Precision Medicine and Responses to Bioterrorism and Disasters, 7 Dana Road, lobby, Valhalla.

State of Politics

Castillo Appointed as Director of LEND

July 09, 2018

VALHALLA – The Westchester Institute for Human Development (WIHD) has announced the appointment of Jenean Castillo, PhD, as Director of the federally funded LEND (Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and related Disabilities) interdisciplinary training program at WIHD.

NYMC faculty: Jenean Castillo, M.A., Ph.D., assistant professor, Center on Disability and Health in the School of Health Sciences and Practice


Summer Hazard: Lyme Disease

July 09, 2018

No one can predict with certainty how bad this year’s tick season will be. However, a winter with lots of snow (like 2017-2018) typically means a boom in ticks by spring and summer, says Gary Wormser, MD,  director of the Lyme Disease Diagnostic Center, New York Medical College, Valhalla, and a spokesperson for the Infectious Diseases Society of America. Heavy snow, the experts, say, can serve as a ”quilt” for ticks lying in the leaves underneath it.


NYMC Faculty: Gary P. Wormser, M.D., professor of medicine, chief of Division of Infectious Diseases and vice chairman of Department of Medicine


Senior Planet

The Mail: Dismissing Disease

June 18, 2018

Gary Wormser, M.D."We regret that Haas, in her review of “Sick,” mischaracterized our study of the relationship between gender and Lyme disease..."

NYMC faculty: Gary P. Wormser, M.D., professor of medicine, chief of Division of Infectious Diseases and vice chairman of Department of Medicine

The New Yorker

Frozen Salmon Tonight? You Might Be Dining On Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

June 14, 2018

Felipe CabelloHorizontal gene transfer can spread antibiotic-resistant genes to bacteria that can infect humans. The transfer can occur in a person’s intestinal tract, Felipe Cabello an expert on antimicrobial resistance in marine environments at New York Medical College told Oceana.

NYMC faculty: Felipe C. Cabello, M.D., professor emeritus of microbiology and immunology

Before It’s News

What affects heart disease?

June 14, 2018

Generic NYMC in the News LogoWhile most of us are aware of the general risk factors for heart disease, like obesity, high cholesterol levels and tobacco use, “they are so general, they apply to almost everyone,” says Tanya Dutta, M.D., a cardiologist at Westchester Medical Center.

NYMC faculty: Tanya Dutta, M.D., M.A., assistant professor of medicine and radiology

Poughkeepsie Journal

Mosquitoes: Biology, Repellents & Bite Relief

June 07, 2018

Robert AmlerZika virus is also a recent concern. It is related to West Nile and is spread through mosquito bites. "Those who do feel ill may experience fever, rash, joint pain and red eyes (conjunctivitis)," Dr. Robert Amler

NYMC leadership: Robert W. Amler, M.D., M.B.A., dean of School of Health Sciences and Practice and vice president for government affairs

Live Science

Touro College of Dental Medicine Celebrates First White Coat Ceremony

June 07, 2018

TCDMToday, 105 students of the inaugural class of Touro College of Dental Medicine (TCDM) at New York Medical College received their white coats and pledged to focus on service to the community in keeping with the mission of the school.

TCDM at New York Medical College News

The Jewish Link of New Jersey

Double duty: Caregivers take on a second shift in an aging America

June 04, 2018

Generic NYMC in the News Logo"Americans who provide care for their aging parents lose an estimated $3 trillion in wages, pension and Social Security benefits when they take time off to do so, according to research by MetLife Mature Market Institute, the National Alliance for Caregiving and the Center for Long-Term Care at New York Medical College."

NYMC news: Center for Long-Term Care

Star Tribune

How to stop the "Sunday scaries" from ruining your weekend

June 04, 2018

Matthew Lorber, M.D., M.P.A.The unknown of Monday and thinking, ‘Oh, am I going to have 1,000 emails waiting for me?’ There’s anticipatory anxiety that’s mixed with the unknown that can be really punishing,” Dr. Matthew Lorber.

NYMC faculty: Matthew Lorber, M.D., M.P.A., clinical assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences

New York Post

This Super Simple Breathing Technique Can Help Alleviate Anxiety & Depression

June 01, 2018

Patricia Gerbarg“We wanted to identify a short program that could be given quickly to people, that they would have immediate relief within five or ten minutes, and that over time would produce long-term changes,” Patricia Gerbarg, M.D.

NYMC faculty: Patricia Gerbarg, M.D., clinical assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences


Get Healthy

Bijan Safai, M.D., D.Sc. Receives the Honorary Science Doctorate Bestowed by New York College of Podiatric Medicine

May 31, 2018

Bijan SaifaiBijan Safai, M.D., D.Sc. Chair and Professor of Dermatology at New York Medical College, received the prestigious D.Sc. Honoris Causa bestowed upon him by New York College of Podiatric Medicine. 

NYMC faculty: Bijan Safai, M.D., D.S.C., professor of dermatology and microbiology and immunology


Maria’s Garden bloomed at hospital

May 29, 2018

Westchester Medical Center and Maria Fareri Children’s HospitalMaria Fareri Children’s Hospital has dedicated Maria’s Garden named in honor Maria Fareri who died from rabies in 1995.

NYMC faculty: Michael H. Gewitz, M.D., professor and vice chairman of the Department of Pediatrics and physician-in-chief of Maria Fareri Children's Hospital

Westchester Business Journal

5 Weird Things Nobody Told Me Would Happen to My Body When I Got Pregnant

May 25, 2018

TCDM“Pregnant women have higher levels of progesterone, which causes blood vessels to become larger, leakier, and closer to the surface of your gums,” says Dr. Aaron Yancoskie, professor at Touro College of Dental Medicine and a board-certified oral and maxillofacial pathologist.

Touro College of Dental Medicine at New York Medical College News:
Aaron E. Yancoskie, D.D.S., associate professor at TouroCDM and adjunct assistant professor of pathology at NYMC


NY Top Docs Presents Orthopedic Surgeon, Rudolph F. Taddonio, MD

May 24, 2018

Rudolph F. TaddonioOrthopedic surgeon, Rudolph F. Taddonio, MD has been reviewed and approved by NY Top Docs for 2018.


NYMC faculty: Rudolph F. Taddonio, M.D. ’71, clinical professor of orthopaedic surgery and neurosurgery

Health Technology Net

The Money-Saving Dental Care Hack Every Parent Should Know

May 24, 2018

TCDMIf you're ready to give Touro Dental Health a go, the first step is to schedule a quick and easy intake screening appointment by calling 914-594-2700 or filling out this simple form. You can also learn more about Touro Dental Health by visiting their website.

Touro College of Dental Medicine at New York Medical College News

Mommy Poppins

Health News: May 24, 2018

May 23, 2018

Generic NYMC in the News LogoMedicare For All, an interactive Town Hall meeting. Panelists scheduled to participate include Dr. Fabio Danisi, associate director of neurology at MidHudson Regional Hospital and associate professor of neurology at New York Medical College

NYMC faculty news: Fabio O. Danisi, M.D., assistant professor of neurology

The Daily Star

Local hospitals set up ‘teletrauma’ system to connect with experts at Westchester Medical Center

May 19, 2018

Westchester Medical Center and Maria Fareri Children’s HospitalDr. Rifat Latifi, director of surgery and chief of general surgery at Westchester Medical Center Health Network, who oversees the network’s trauma programs, said the system can get care fast to victims.

NYMC faculty: Rifat Latifi, M.D., professor of surgery

Daily Freeman News

Darchei Torah alumnus is named valedictorian of Touro College’s Flatbush men’s class

May 16, 2018

TCDM“Although I was accepted to NYU and also to University of Maryland, which is the oldest dental school in the country, I’m confident in my decision to attend Touro’s new dental school” said Betzalel Krasnow, TCDM Class of 2022

Touro College of Dental Medicine at New York Medical College

The Jewish Star

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