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Allergy Season Begins

April 01, 2017

Spring has sprung! Flowers are starting to bloom, temperatures are rising and birds are chirping. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, “Ah, spring,” might soon turn into “Ah-choo, spring!” Seasonal allergies, sometimes called hay fever, are allergy symptoms that happen during certain times of the year, usually when outdoor plants release their spores. Trees, grasses and weeds are all releasing pollen into the air. These spores and pollen can cause congestion, cough and sneezing in people with seasonal allergies. If you are one of the over 30 million Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies, we at AFC Urgent Care Yorktown have some tips that will help you stop sneezing this allergy season.

NYMC Faculty: Rajesh Gupta, M.D., clinical assistant professor of emergency medicine

Source: The Examiner