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Jimmy Kimmel's Tearful Healthcare Plea Hits Close To Home

May 02, 2017

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel's Monday monologue was still being aired across the cable spectrum Tuesday, not because it was so hilariously funny but because it was so emotionally raw. Departing from his usual schtick, Kimmel struggled through tears as he told the audience about the birth of his son, Billy, less than two weeks ago. The baby was born with a heart murmur and shortly after entering the world began to turn purple. Emergency surgery saved the boy. In his tearful speech Monday night, Kimmel thanked everyone involved -- the nurse who first noticed his son turning purple, the staff at Cedars-Sinai Hospital and pediatric cardiologist and an NYMC alumn, Dr. Evan Zhan, who performed the life-saving surgery.

NYMC Alumn: Evan Zahn, M.D. ’86

Source: Patch.com