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Katonah Doctor Treats Symptoms With Medical Marijuana

May 01, 2017

You don’t have to wait long during late-night TV for some comedian to take shots at the idea of people using marijuana for medical purposes. Dr. Lynn Parodneck, whose private practice in Mt. Kisco is now offering marijuana consultations, has no problem joining in lightheartedly. “The jokes are funny,” she freely admits.  But she hasn’t taken up this endeavor to be part of a national punch line. The closure of St Vincent’s in Manhattan gave her cause to leave behind her gynecological practice and shift to helping people who are suffering. 

“Medical marijuana means you can make somebody feel better, and that’s what the Compassionate Care Act is about,” says Parodneck. “You have people who have not had positive solutions so this gives them a better quality of life.”

NYMC Alumni: Lynn Parodneck, M.D. ’84

Source: Townvibe Bedford