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Now More Than Ever Is The Time To Check For Ticks

July 04, 2017

For anyone living in the northeast, summer is the time to look out for ticks and the diseases they frequently carry. Ticks are most active late spring through early fall, but when the weather turns hot, jeans and long sleeves give way to t-shirts and shorts, leaving bare skin vulnerable to these bloodsucking pests. Nationally recognized Lyme disease expert and director of infectious disease at New York Medical College, Dr. Gary Wormser, doesn’t want people to overreact. “Powassan is very rare,” he said. There have only been two documented cases in the past three years in Westchester, with a third case yet to be officially reported.  “There has not been a striking increase in the disease,” he said, rebuffing news reports.

NYMC Faculty: Gary P. Wormser, M.D., professor of medicine, chief of Division of Infectious Diseases and vice chairman of Department of Medicine

Source: The Hudson Independent