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Trump’s ‘Insidious’ Disrespect for the Rule of Law

November 12, 2017
President Donald Trump with First Lady Milania Trump  

Our system of government was designed with a set of checks and balances to guard against having too much power concentrated in the hands of any one person, including the president. But Mr. Trump has run his businesses as a dictator who can never be challenged. He cannot accept that he is not authorized to turn our government into a dictatorship. He is jealous of dictators in other countries (Vladimir Putin) whom he admires and longs to emulate. He is not capable of accepting limitations on his power. Why? To do so would conflict with his narcissistic need to be seen as all good, all powerful, always right and impervious to any challenge. 

NYMC Faculty: Harvey M. Berman, M.D., clinical associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences

Source: The New York Times