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Chancellor Halperin Receives Book Award From British Medical Association

Hailed as a “must have” for radiation oncologists, the best-selling “Principles” was one of only five texts in the area of oncology chosen

Date: November 03, 2014
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Best-Selling Textbook Worldwide “Highly Commended”

NEW YORK, NY – November 3, 2014 – Touro College and University System is pleased to announce that “Principles and Practice of Radiation Oncology, Sixth Edition,” a comprehensive reference work on cancer treatment, co-authored and edited by Edward C. Halperin, M.D., chancellor and CEO of New York Medical College (NYMC), was “highly commended” by the British Medical Association (BMA) at the organization’s 2014 Medical Book Awards ceremony in London on Sept. 22.

Hailed as a “must have” for radiation oncologists, the best-selling “Principles” was one of only five texts in the area of oncology chosen from more than 640 entries in 20 categories that received this prestigious designation.

In their review of the book the judges said it was, “by far, the best-written and the most complete of the lot...a significant improvement in comparison with other works on the subject” and “perhaps the only text one would need to develop a solid foundation in radiation oncology.”

“Principles and Practice of Radiation Oncology” offers an encyclopedic coverage of epidemiology, pathology, and diagnostic work-up, prognostic factors, treatment techniques, applications of radiotherapy, surgery, and chemotherapy and contains more than 1,400 illustrations. Dr. Halperin co-edited the book with Drs. Carlos A. Perez, of Washington University Medical Center;  David L. Wazer, of Tufts-New England Medical Center; and Luther W. Brady, of Drexel University College of Medicine.

The annual BMA Medical Book Awards recognize outstanding contributions to medical literature, based on each submission’s applicability to its audience, production quality, and originality. Prizes were awarded in 21 categories of medicine.

Responding to news of the award, Dr. Halperin said, “To have the book commended by the British Medical Association is humbling and gratifying. ‘Principles and Practice of Radiation Oncology’ has become the best-selling textbook of radiation oncology in the world. To the extent that this book contributes to improved diagnosis and care of cancer patients, I am very grateful.” 

Since 2012, Dr. Halperin has been professor of radiation oncology, pediatrics, and history at NYMC and provost for biomedical affairs of the Touro College and University System, one of the largest providers of health professions higher education programs in the United States.

Dr. Halperin has co-authored and edited five editions of another textbook, “Pediatric Radiation Oncology,” and published more than 205 articles in peer-reviewed scientific, historical, education and medical ethics literature. Dr. Halperin is also currently teaching a course, “An Introduction to The History of Medicine,” at one of Touro’s undergraduate schools in Manhattan, Lander College for Women –The Anna Ruth and Mark Hasten School. Prior to coming to NYMC, Dr. Halperin served as vice dean of the Duke University School of Medicine and dean of the School of Medicine at the University of Louisville.

“Principles and Practice of Radiation Oncology, Sixth Edition” is available as a printed textbook, and a digital publication powered by Inkling. To order a copy, please visit amazon.com.

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