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Public Relations Project Request Form

Please complete the Office of Public Relations Project Request Form for services available to NYMC faculty, staff and students. Please allow at least seven (7) business days for the design and proofing process and an additional fourteen (14) business days for printing.

All print projects must have an approved purchase order (P.O.) before the project can be initiated.

Copy should be final and approved before submitting to the Office of Public Relations. Text copy and high-resolution photos can be submitted online.  Please keep in mind that major editing after a project has been created will delay the completion of your project.

Please note that this is not an event submission form or room reservation form. Before completing this project request form, make sure that all event space and logistics are confirmed. Student organizations and clubs must contact the Office of Student Affairs. For more information on hosting an event, please read NYMC’s Event Request Form (found in the TouroOne portal) and add your event to the NYMC’s online calendar. If you would like to have your announcement on the campus screens, please visit Campus Digital Signage for instructions.

After we review your Project Request Form, we will contact you with additional questions and suggestions prior to commencing work. Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your project.