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Orientation Week and White Coat Day Photos
July 25 - August 1, 2014




July 25 and 27, 2014 -- Move-in Days


July 27, 2014 -- Meet and Greet


July 28, 2014 -- Registration and House Teams


July 29, 2014 -- Chancellor’s Student/Faculty Welcome BBQ


July 30, 2014 -- World Yacht Dinner Cruise


July 31, 2014 -- Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race Presentation and Tour


August 1, 2014 -- White Coat Day Morning Program


August 1, 2014 -- White Coat Ceremony and Reception









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Required Forms and Important Information:

Below are links to forms that are required to be submitted prior to Orientation Week. Each form or website has specific instructions where to send the completed form(s). In addition, we have included links to information that is important for you to understand.





Health Services

Undergraduate Medical Education

Health Sciences Library

Environmental Health & Safety





Academic Computing

Human Resources

Student Financial Planning

Student & Residential Life

White Coat Ceremony



By completeing this beforehand, you help us make the week of orientation more focused and relaxed, allowing more emphasis on academic preparation, team building and set the proper tone for the academic year.



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