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Consulting for Applied Research Support

Consulting for Applied Research Support (C.A.R.S) at New York Medical College is an intradepartmental academic research-support initiative within the Department of Epidemiology and Community Health at the School of Health Science and Practice (SHSP). CARS is a research methods and biostatistical support service with a commitment to excellence in research and a mission to enhance health and well-being by generating and disseminating evidenced-based knowledge. We have expertise in epidemiologic, translational, and health services research. We will provide comprehensive and customized services that include: study design development; analytic plan development; primary data collection, analysis and synthesis; and, secondary data utilization.

Our service is our professional practice. The purpose of CARS is to transform data into knowledge by facilitating quality research from inception to dissemination. Our goal is to help generate new knowledge, apply principles of existing knowledge and empower agencies and individuals to interpret and disseminate this knowledge to all.

We can HELP you:

  • Meet your research-related educational objectives
  • Develop your research design
  • Develop your survey/questionnaire
  • Determine the needed sample size
  • Develop your analytic plan
  • Analyze your data and interpret the results
  • Prepare manuscripts and reports


I. Research methods support:

A. Study design and/or implementation plan for the following type studies:

    1. Ecological
    2. Case Control
    3. Cohort
    4. Clinical trials
    5. Surveys
    6. Outcome evaluation

B. Data management
C. Questionnaire/survey design

II. Biostatistical support:

A. Sample size/power calculations
B. Analytic plan
C. Data analysis and synthesis of data
D. Date interpretation and presentation

III. Educational support:

A. Grant/proposal development
B. Research design and biostatistics and epidemiology lectures/educational seminars

Click CARS Info Packet (pdf) for additional information and fees.

New York Medical College
School of Health Sciences and Practice
Valhalla, NY 10595
Tel: (914) 594-3635