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Core Histology Laboratory

The Department of Pathology Core Histology Laboratory is located at New York Medical College Basic Science Building. The core provides routine histology, special staining, immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence, cryotomy services to researchers throughout the academic community. Seasoned research associates and pathologists staff the Lab, providing a wide range of expertise and analysis in histotechnology, medical technology, anatomic pathology, tissue procurement and clinical sciences. The lab is semi-automated to provide consistent results and quick turnaround.

For researchers without easy access to histology equipment or the services of a histotechnologist, the Core Histology Lab accepts fixed wet tissue specimens as well as frozen tissue samples. Wet samples are processed on an automated tissue processor. The processing protocol is adjusted to match the size of the tissue specimen submitted. The samples are then embedded in paraffin. Please refer to our tissue submission guidelines.
We can provide paraffin sections and frozen sections. Sections can be prepared on standard charged slides and they may be stained with Hematoxylin and Eosin (H&E) and special stains or left unstained. Our histology protocols strive to maintain the highest possible specimen quality and minimize the possibility of cross contamination. Some of these services incur a small additional charge. 
Included in our facility is the Leica Microdissection system LMD 6500. It is used for obtaining well-defined starting material for subsequent downstream applications such as genomics, RNA transcript profiling, proteomics and microarrays. This microscope has the following objectives:

  • 40x HCX Plan FL 0.6na CORR XT:
  • 20x  HCX Plan FL 0.4na CORR:
  • 10x HC Plan FL 0.3na:
  • 5x UVI Microdissection 0.12na. 

With this instrument one can quickly locate a single cell or large group of cells, technically draw and cut and remove specific cells for subsequent molecular analysis. Regardless of whether one uses paraffin-embedded or frozen tissue samples, stained or immuno-labeled slides, the LMD preserves the exact morphologies of both the captured cells as well as the surrounding tissue. The system is designed to easily monitor and document the entire process and stores images in the archiving workstation.

We also have a Nikon 90i Eclipse Research microscope that is fully automated for light and fluorescent microscopy. Cubes available are DAPI, GFP (488) and Texas Red (593). Objectives available at 4X Plan Fluor, 10X Plan Fluor, 20X Plan Fluor, 40X Plan Apo, 60X oil Plan Apo and 100X oil Plan Apo.

Service Request:

Investigators who would like to request services from the laboratory should fill out a requisition and the PI is required to sign the request form. The services provided will be based on the order it is received. 


For pathology consultations:
Humayun Islam, M.D., Ph.D., Core Director
Interim Chairman of Pathology
BSB 413
Tel. (914) 594-4150
Fax: (914) 594-4163

For histology services:
Core Lab Manager
Tel. (914) 594-4862