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Data Management Core

Overseen by Dr. John Fallon, the Data Management Core was established to assist clinical researchers in designing and executing their studies.  The first service to be offered is access to the REDCap Cloud. 

REDCap Cloud is the commercial version of REDCap, the Research Electronic Data Capture tool developed at Vanderbilt University that is currently used by more than 2500 institutions around the world.  Licensed to nPhase Inc., a cloud-based technology company, REDCap Cloud is a web-based software that is highly customizable so researchers can design a database or survey to meet each study’s needs.

Because the data is stored in a computing cloud, the databases and surveys can be accessed any place or time where there is an internet-connected web browser.   REDCap Cloud is HIPAA compliant and provides ready-to-use templates for various study designs.  Additionally, you can upload an existing data dictionary, or you can build a new database or survey. REDCap Cloud comes with a user guide and video tutorials. 

The Data Management Core charges $100/study per 500Mb yearly for access to the REDCap Cloud. 


Anhphan T. Ly
Director, Analytics & Data Science
40 Sunshine Cottage Road
Valhalla, NY, 10595
Ph: (914) 594-4322
Email: redcapcloud@nymc.edu

Debra Abrams
Research Grants Manager
BSB Room 413
Ph: (914) 594-3085
Email: redcapcloud@nymc.edu

John T. Fallon III, M.D., Ph.D. 
Chairman of Pathology
BSB room 413
Ph: (914) 594-4150
Fax: (914) 594-4163
Email: john_fallon@nymc.edu