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Data Management Core

Overseen by the Vice-President for Research, Salomon Amar, D.D.S., Ph.D., the Data Management Core was established to assist biomedical and clinical researchers in designing and executing their studies.  The first service to be offered is access to the REDCap Cloud, which is a web-based application for building and managing surveys and databases online for clinical and translational research. 

REDCap trademarkREDCap Cloud is the commercial version of REDCap, (Research Electronic Data Capture), a secure data processing, management, and reporting platform first developed at Vanderbilt University. It is licensed to nPhase Inc., a cloud-based technology company, and used by more than 4900 institutions around the world.

Users can utilize pre-defined templates or customize the system as needed. Additionally, existing data may be imported into REDCap Cloud. Medical and dental coding and dictionaries are available as well as project calendars, a scheduling module, and ad hoc reporting tools. Customized reports can be generated and data can be exported in a variety of formats. An audit trail shows all changes made to the record.

The system is HIPAA compliant and user-friendly. Short video tutorials and a user’s guide are available, and because data is stored securely offsite in a cloud computing environment, data can be accessed any place or time where there is an internet-connected web browser.   

NYMC currently supports over 100 users in its REDCap system. Some examples of NYMC REDCap-hosted projects are: 

  • A survey of Chinese-American perceptions of access to dermatologic care.
  • A clinical trial of an investigational new drug (IND).
  • A survey of patient willingness to participate in a new screening program.

How do I access REDCap?

For NYMC faculty, staff, and students, annual REDCap access rates start at $100/study per 500Mb storage.  Other NYMC-affiliated users may request access on a case-by-case basis at rates starting at $300 per study.

Activity Unit Amount Notes
Basic REDCap access: NYMC faculty, staff, students 1 project/1year $100 Up to 500Mb storage, up to 5 users
Basic REDCap access: most non-NYMC affiliates 1 project/1 year $300 UP to 500Mb storage, up to 5 users
Additional project memory storage Additional 500 Mb/1 year $100  
Additional project staff Additional 5 staff/1 year $100  
REDCap technical assistance 1 hour $100  

Because many uses of REDCap will not necessarily need IRB oversight, NYMC does not require studies to be IRB-approved before accessing this resource.

Technical Support

NYMC technical support for REDCap currently consists of enabling access and providing orientation materials.  In the future we hope to expand our ability to provide more detailed technical assistance directly or by provisioning a NYMC REDCap users group or bulletin board.  REDCap does produce online tutorials and guidance that many users have found helpful.

REDCap reserves Saturday nights from approximately 11pm ET to 11am ET the following Sunday morning for service upgrades and maintenance, during which time users may experience interruptions in service.

REDCap IRB/Grant Template Language

NYMC REDCap Cloud users may wish to use some or all of the following template language in support of proposal development, Institutional Review Board (IRB) approvals, or other needs associated with conducting work on REDCap Cloud applications:

Study data will be collected and managed using REDCap Cloud, a 21 CFR Part 11 and HIPAA compliance compatible solution. REDCap Cloud is a secure, web-based application that is flexible enough to be used for a variety of types of research requiring a unified location for data processing, management, and reporting. REDCap Cloud provides an intuitive user interface that streamlines project development and improves data entry through real-time validation rules (with automated data type and range checks). REDCap Cloud also provides easy data management (with audit trails for reporting, monitoring, native medical coding, and querying patient records) and an automated export mechanism to common statistical packages. In addition to traditional data capture functionality, REDCap Cloud’s survey and myREDCapCloud participant portal capabilities are powerful tools for building and managing direct-to-participant electronic data collection. The research team can create and design surveys in a web browser and engage potential respondents using a variety of notification methods including email and SMS text messages. All data collection projects rely on a thorough, study-specific data dictionary, defined by all members of the research team in an iterative, self-documenting process. This iterative development and testing process results in a well-planned and individualized data collection strategy. [“REDCap IRB/Grant Template Language” last updated 12/29/2020]

For further information please email redcapcloud@nymc.edu