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Genomics Lab

The Genomics Core Laboratory in the Department of Pathology is established to house both basic and translational genomics research, allow individual investigators access to state-of-the-art next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies, conduct genomics experiments and bioinformatics analyses, and provide opportunities for education and training in genomics and bioinformatics.


The Genomics Core Laboratory hosts a variety of instruments for carrying out genomics research. These instruments include, but are not limited to:

Qubit 2.0 Fluorometer for flurometric quantification of DNA, RNA and protein
Bioanalyzer 2100 for quantification, size and purity assessment of DNA, RNA and protein
TapeStation 4200 for quantification, size and purity assessment of DNA, RNA and protein
BluePippin for DNA size selection/collection ranged from 100 bp to 50 kb with pulse-field
Stratagene Mx3005P for real-time quantitative PCR
SpectraMax Gemini XPS microplate reader for fluorescence intensity assays
Biomek FXp automated workstation for high-throughput liquid handling and workflow
MiSeq for single- or paired-end short-read sequencing ranged from 50 bp to 300 bp
NextSeq 550 for single- or paired-end short-read sequencing ranged from 50 bp to 150 bp
VolTRAX device for portable sequencing library preparation automatically
MinION nanopore sequencer for portable single-molecule, real-time, long-read sequencing

Please click the instrument name for the link to its official website for overview and/or introduction.

The Genomics Core Laboratory mainly uses the Illumina MiSeq and NextSeq two sequencing systems as the NGS platform. The specifications of MiSeq and NextSeq are demonstrated in the table below.

 Genomics Core Instruments


The Genomics Core Laboratory provides and supports a variety of NGS services and their following bioinformatics data analyses. Consultation before services is freely available and is strongly recommended.

The NGS services include:

  • Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)
    • Whole Exome Sequencing (WES)
  • Target gene panel sequencing
  • Whole Transcriptome Sequencing (RNAseq)
    • Small RNA (or microRNA) sequencing
  • Metagenomics or metatranscriptomics sequencing of microbiome
    • sequencing with chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP-seq)
  • sequencing RNA-binding protein immunoprecipitation (RIP-seq)
  • other custom-designed sequencings

The bioinformatics services include:

  • de novo assembly of genome/transcriptome
  • alignment- and mapping-based analysis of genetic variants
  • differential expression analysis of genes/microRNAs
  • pathway and network analysis of genes
  • species detection & gene identification in microbiome study
  • others with custom’s instruction and/or request


The prices of using instruments and services at the Genomics Core Laboratory are listed in the table below. Notably, for NGS, the cost for library preparation is per sample, whereas the cost for Illumina sequencing is per sequencing run. Consultation for the total cost of planned service is thus strongly recommended. Since the bioinformatics services are free of charge, a courtesy from the Genomics Core Laboratory, the co-authorship in your publications is greatly appreciated.

Genomics Core Pricing

Service Request:

Genomics Core Laboratory is located at Basic Sciences Building Room 409 at Pathology Department. Investigators are welcome to visit, consult, and request services of genomics and bioinformatics. Please contact Dr. Weihua Huang for the appointment. The service will be provided based upon the request order received.


Weihua Huang, Ph.D.
Lab Director
Department of Pathology, BSB room 409
Ph: (914) 594-3928
Fax: (914) 594-4163
Email: weihua_huang@nymc.edu

Humayun Islam, M.D., Ph.D. 
Interim Chairman of Pathology
BSB room 413
Ph: (914) 594-4150
Fax: (914) 594-4163
Email: Humayun.Islam@wmchealth.org