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Funding Opportunities

Research Funding

See our Funding Searches page for details and more resources.

Introduction to Grantseeking

The first step in securing funding for research is the identification of an appropriate funding source and application mechanism.

Questions to answer:

  • Does the funding agency support my kind of work?
  • Am I eligible? Is NYMC eligible?
  • Are the funding amount ($$) and term (years) suitable?
  • May PI salary be included on budgets?
  • Can NYMC recover indirect costs?
  • Will my application be competitive?
  • If awarded, can my funding be renewed in the future?
  • Can I realistically meet the proposal deadline?

There are numerous databases and search tools to assist you in the search for the right funding program.

Overview of Funding Sources and Mechanisms

Health-related research is funded from a variety of sources:


Contribution to U.S. Biomed R&D (2012)

Federal and State Governments


Voluntary Health Organizations – aka “public charities” (e.g. American Heart Association, American Cancer Society)


Professional Associations (e.g. American College of Surgeons)



Corporations (either direct or through industry-sponsored foundations)


Private Foundations (e.g. Ford Foundation, Susan G. Komen)







Funding for research can be provided through a variety of financial transactions:


Project originates with funder; Stresses deliverables

Cooperative Agreements

Contract-Grant hybrid; Funder has programmatic input


Project originates with grantee; Few deliverables


Noncompetitive; Can be unrestricted

Research grants can be provided through a variety of mechanisms:

  • Research project
  • Program/Service
  • Fellowship
  • Training
  • Career Development
  • Travel
  • Equipment
  • Construction

It is not necessary for a researcher to understand all of the differences between types of funding sources and funding mechanisms. But it is essential that all of the details about a specific funding program be clear prior to submission of an application. And it is important to appreciate that the type of application submitted for one kind of funding may not be suitable for another. Researchers should always attempt to learn about the expectations of different funding agencies and their review panels. Conversations with agency program officers and with colleagues who have submitted successful applications to an agency are encouraged.