Permanent inexpensive living quarters for housestaff are located on the grounds of the Hospital only a minute away. Every resident has full medical and dental coverage, and receives a tax-free meal allowance, a book allowance, and money and time for conferences during the second and third years of residency.

Sample Figures for 2008


PGY 1- $52,932
PGY 2- $57,464
PGY 3- $62,650


Richmond University Medical Center, offers subsidized housing located on campus in the Resident's Building.  Studio, 1 and 2 Bedroom apartments are available for all residents and fellows.  Approximate monthly rents for 2006-2007 were as follows:

                        Studio:                $400-$490/ month
                        1 Bedroom:        $650-$750/ month
                        2 Bedroom:        $800- $850/ month

Local Housing is available for residents:

Gateway Realty - Barbara Fritzsimmons
(Snug Harbor View Housing)
(718) 273-3800


On campus parking is available at no cost to all residents & fellows.

Meal Allowance (In addition to salary)

Meal cards valued at $5.50 for each on call day (1 card M-F, 2 cards per Sat/Sun calls and 2 cards per holiday calls)

$1,000 annually in addition to meal cards and salary


$100 per academic year for lab coats and scrubs

Book Allowance

$350 per academic year

Board Review

PGY 3 residents usually attend two board review courses in NJ, each one-week long, in May and June.  They are reimbursed for approximately 96% of the cost of the courses and relieved from any hospital or clinic duties to attend these courses.
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