New York Medical College (Richmond) Residency is an ACGME fully accredited and approved three year training program designed to train people who are interested in primary care or entering any of the variety of internal medicine subspecialty fellowships.
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The primary site for the internal medicine training program is Richmond University Medical Center in Staten Island New York. The goal of the training is to prepare our residents to be physicians for adults from all walks of life, and/or to enter training in one of the internal medicine subspecialties. We want our graduates to be skilled at clinical assessment, evaluation, and therapeutics, and to function and communicate empathetically.

All requirements of the Residency Review Committee for training in Internal Medicine are fulfilled, and all graduates are eligible to sit the American Board of Internal Medicine certifying examination. During the three years of training, Richmond University Medical Center
's internal medicine residents have the opportunity to learn all aspects of medical care delivery necessary to function well as an internist.

Throughout the three years of residency, residents learn ambulatory care by participating as primary care physicians to patients in the continuity clinic located at the RUMC site. At the beginning of every continuity clinic session, a general medicine topic is reviewed and presented to the residents who are participating in that clinic session that day. In addition, residents do several block rotations in which they learn those aspects of non-internal medicine specialties, such as gynecology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, dermatology etc. that are essential for primary care internists to understand.

All residents attend the daily core curriculum conference, which is organized according to subspecialty blocks. In addition there are conferences that emphasize and teach how to improve interview skills and how to deal with emotionally-difficult aspects of patient care; sessions that teach cultural competency, and a monthly death and dying conference held in conjunction with the risk management, nursing, pastoral care, patient relations, and social work.

Full-time internal medicine faculty supervise the residents on the wards. Each clinic session has two regular general internal medicine faculty supervisors.