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The Holz Lab News and Events

March 2022 – Holz lab celebrates awards at the 33rd Annual Graduate Student Research Forum. Ph.D. student Christina Faltas received a Poster Award and Ph.D. student Alek Torres received a Flash Talk Award.

Marina K. Holz --March 2022   Marina K. Holz --March 2022 


  • On April 6, 2019, Dr. Holz presented a talk “Crosstalk Between mTORC1 and Estrogen Signaling in Breast Cancer” at the Breast Cancer Workshop on Estrogen Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer at the American Society for Investigative Pathology 2019 Annual Meeting at Experimental Biology.
  • In March 2019 we said goodbye to Holz lab senior research fellow Dr. Rafael Cuesta who moved to a new position at McGill University in Montreal.

Dr. Rafael Cuesta farewell