New York Medical College

New York Medical College has developed policies to guide students, faculty and staff with regard to what behavior and conduct is deemed acceptable, as well as that which is considered unacceptable, at this university.

Policy on Reporting Student Incidents

I. Purpose

To establish guidelines for the reporting of incidents.

II. Scope

This policy applies to all College faculty, staff and students.

III. Definition

Incident is defined as any unusual occurrence.

IV. Policy

New York Medical College endeavors to assure a safe and secure campus environment, supportive of the professional and personal growth of its students. To achieve this objective, the university must be promptly informed of incidents involving its students.

V. Procedures

In the event of an incident involving a student or students, a serious illness or injury, a major risk to safety, or a crime on the Valhalla campus, the following notification procedure will be followed:

Immediately after notifying the appropriate emergency services (e.g. 911), the College's Security Office, located in Room 223B in the Basic Sciences Building (914-594-4226), should be informed.

The security officer on duty will contact the Director of Security immediately.

The Director of Security will assess the incident and notify the Provost, the Vice-Provost for Administration and Finance, the Vice-Provost for University Student Affairs, the Vice-President and General Counsel, and the Dean of the school in which the student(s) is enrolled. The Senior Communications Director will be notified if the incident has the potential for becoming public via the media.

A comprehensive incident report will be completed by the Security Office and forwarded to the Provost, the Vice-Provost for Administration and Finance, the respective dean, and the Vice Dean for Medical Education (for students in SOM).

Following notification, review of the report, and further investigation as needed, appropriate further action will be taken by the university and academic administration of the school(s) involved.


Page updated: August 24, 2011