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SOM Strategic Plan

The important mission of the School of Medicine (SOM) continues to guide our future direction. The strengths of the SOM include our outstanding faculty and staff, our enthusiastic, bright students and our shared commitment to excel in the delivery of our mission.

The goal of the current plan, SOM Strategic Plan (Gap Years 2020-2021), is to highlight key initiatives that were begun under the previous five-year strategic plan, SOM Strategic Plan 2016-2019 -  Sharpening Our Focus, but not yet completed, and to add new areas of focus that reflect more recent activities and goals.

In January 2021, the SOM will embark on a School-wide strategic planning initiative to develop the next five-year strategic plan. A strategic planning team will be assembled to review the SOM mission and vision as well as engage in an inclusive, open and evidenced-based self-study process that builds on our strengths, sets new goals, and engages with multiple stakeholders.