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Admissions & Financial Aid

The School of Medicine believes that a diverse student body provides a valuable educational experience that prepares medical students to practice effectively in a multicultural society. To that end, we seek to admit a diverse class with respect to gender, race, ethnicity, cultural and economic background, and life experience. Strongly motivated students from disadvantaged backgrounds and groups underrepresented in medicine are encouraged to apply. 

The Admissions Committee utilizes a holistic review process that balances personal attributes – such as professionalism, altruism, compassion, empathy, honesty, integrity, cultural competency, and ethical grounding – with foundational experiences and academic metrics such as MCAT and GPA scores. 

Financial Aid

We are committed to helping bright, motivated students overcome financial barriers to achieve their goals. Our Office of Student Financial Planning provides assistance in all financial aspects, including helping applicants and students with financial decision-making before, during and even after attending NYMC. Our graduates have one of the lowest student loan default rates in the nation, which we proudly credit to the expert guidance and commitment of our staff.