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Selection Criteria

The Admissions Committee has the difficult task of selecting an entering class from thousands of applicants. There are many more applicants who meet the qualifications for the study of medicine than can be admitted to an incoming class. Each applicant is subject to an individualized, balanced holistic review – weighing personal characteristics in equal measure with academic metrics and foundational experiences.

The committee strives to select those candidates who demonstrate proficiency in foundational competencies the School of Medicine believes are essential for success in medical school and professional practice. These include but are not limited to pre-medical knowledge, aptitude for patient care, interpersonal and communication skills, self-directed learning and improvement, professionalism, and knowledge of the healthcare system and current healthcare issues.

The applicant must also demonstrate evidence of the AAMC intra- and inter-personal competencies for entering medical students which include ethical responsibility to self and others; reliability and dependability, resilience and adaptability; capacity for improvement; service orientation; social skills; cultural competence; teamwork; and interpersonal and communication skills.

In addition, a candidate should have a college education that includes premedical science courses essential for medical school as well as a broad exposure to the humanities and social sciences. Academic competence to succeed in medical school is assessed by the applicant’s college record, including GPA and MCAT scores.

As a future medical student, an applicant must also demonstrate excellent observation and communication skills as well as the motor function and conceptual, integrative and quantitative skills required for the study of medicine. As a future physician, an applicant must have the physical capacity and emotional maturity to complete medical school and practice medicine independently.