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Peer Learning Partners

Peer-to-peer support is provided for a variety of courses in NYMC's School of Medicine, NYMC's Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences, NYMC's School of Health Sciences and Practice, and Touro College of Dental Medicine. 

Each student is allowed 2 hours per week. Peer learning partners are at least one year ahead and are paid an hourly rate by NYMC Academic Support for their services. Please choose your school from the list on the left for more information about the peer learning partners provided.

To view PLP availability and to book an appointment, please visit NYMC WCOnline

  • First time users need to register for an account.
  • Only the white boxes are available. Sessions cannot be held and booked on the same day to allow PLPs time to prepare.
  • Online consultations are available directly through this system.
  • For further guidance, please review the WCOnline FAQs document and the WCOnline Video Guide.