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COMPASS - Counseling on Medical Professions and Student Success

The COMPASS Program is designed to longitudinally provide matriculating students with:

  • a comprehensive and flexible career counseling program that fosters a sense of discovery, guides informed career and research decision-making, supports residency placements, and develops competencies in self-knowledge that ultimately lead to long-term personal and professional success
  • a variety of opportunities to enhance students’ professional development by providing personal and career-oriented support through individual and small group meetings with Deans, Faculty, Alumni, and Health Professionals, along with participation in developmentally appropriate programs, events, and workshops

What should I do for the rest of my professional life?!

Every student is faced with this difficult decision throughout medical school, especially as the senior year approaches…

The COMPASS program at New York Medical College School of Medicine supports students as they Explore career options in the health care field, provides structured advising as they Decide among various specialty choices, and paves the path for graduates to Succeed as they begin to embark upon their professional journey. We accomplish these goals by creating the foundation necessary to cultivate leadership and professionalism, by facilitating early and sustained exposure to various career options, and by fostering an atmosphere of dedicated mentorship by faculty, staff, and alumni.

In the end, choosing a career is up to each individual student, but NYMC's COMPASS program is here to help students navigate the way so that their choice is not only easier to make, but also more likely to lead to a lifetime of professional fulfillment!

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