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Annual Faculty Performance Evaluation (AFPE)

The School of Medicine (SOM) is committed to the continuous professional development of all of its faculty members as teachers, scientists, and learners. The policies for academic freedom, ethics, responsibility, tenure, and promotion within the SOM apply equally to current and future faculty members, and seek to establish a spirit of cooperation, good faith, responsibility and accountability. The SOM is committed to providing regular faculty assessment and performance evaluation through an AFPE process that will enable each faculty member to reach their career objectives in concert with the mission, goals, and priorities of the school and departments.


  1. Update your CV (NYMC SOM CV Format)
  2. Using the email from FacultyAffairs@nymc.edu, log onto DocuSign
  3. Complete the AFPE by cut and pasting information from your updated CV
  4. Complete your self-assessment
  5. Add your goals for the Academic Year 2021-2022
  6. Upload your updated CV
  7. Electronically sign
  8. Click Finish to submit

As part of the AFPE, the faculty member will complete the Performance Evaluation in DocuSign, the faculty member will then meet with their Chair or Director.    This annual meeting will provide an opportunity for review and feedback on performance as well as expectations for the upcoming academic year (i.e., faculty members readiness for promotion, nominations to the Dean’s Awards, research opportunities within the department).


Evaluation Criteria


Excellence in teaching may be documented through various activities, including:

Mentoring & Advising:

  • Career advising
  • Personal advising
  • Learner educational research or project advising/supervision

Learner Assessment:

  • Create and/or develop assessment instruments, tests (simulation assessment, observation, standardized patient encounter with feedback, empathy scale/instrument)
  • Formulating/writing goals and objectives
  • Designing teaching tools, methods, materials, modules
  • Involvement in curricular committees and ad-hoc work groups

Curriculum Development:

Publications & Presentations:

  • Publish manuscripts, books, book chapters
  • Present at academic conferences and invited lectures


Research productivity may be measured through a variety of activities and metrics:

Grants & Funding:

  • Prepare grant proposals related to educational research, program development, curriculum implementation
  • Submission of competitive grant proposals
  • Director of an independent research program

Scholarship in Investigation:

  • Research productivity
  • Independent research program
  • National/International reputation
  • Leadership in field
  • Innovative research

Scholarly Approach to Education:

  • Participation in evaluation of new courses/programs
  • Prepare, deliver, participate in continuing education or faculty development
  • Critical appraisal of teaching methods
  • Educational research
  • Continuous quality improvement.

Scholarly Approach to Patient Care:

  • Participation in direction of clinical research and/or clinical trials
  • Serve as local course/clerkship director
  • Local accreditation work
  • Service on local/regional, national or international committees
  • Program leadership: planning committee (e.g. abstracts review, local organizer for national meeting)
  • Grant reviewer
  • Editorial reviewer


Faculty members are expected to provide service to both NYMC and the community.

Administration & Leadership:

Patient Care:

  • Development of material related to health conditions for use by patients
  • Development of programs and material that improve health literacy and educate the public about biomedical sciences
  • Writing of books, magazines, newspapers, health letters or websites on issues related to health
  • Presenting health-related educational information via radio, TV, podcasts to the public.


Scholarship productivity may be documented in several ways:

  • Publications in peer review journals
  • Publication of outstanding review articles, book chapters and textbooks
  • Invited presentations or original work and data
  • Innovative web material

Resources on the NYMC website

Domain Criteria


Annual Faculty Performance Evaluation Policies & Procedures