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Faculty Appointment, Promotion and Tenure

The New York Medical College (NYMC) School of Medicine (SOM) is committed to ensuring that the appointment and promotion process aligns closely with the roles, responsibilities, and duties of faculty members within the SOM. Recognizing faculty contributions and achievements that advance the institution's mission, appointments, promotions, and tenure are awarded accordingly.

Collaborating closely with current and prospective faculty members, SOM academic department chairs consider the requirements and eligibility related to faculty appointment, promotion, and tenure, collectively referred to as "faculty actions." The process is initiated by the department chairs, who communicate their faculty actions recommendations to the Dean of the SOM. 

Detailed guidelines and criteria for these actions are included in the SOM's Faculty Appointment, Promotion, and Reappointment Policy and Procedure, as well as the Tenure Policy and Procedure, both found on the SOM policies webpage under SOM Policies Related to Faculty.

To facilitate faculty action recommendations, department chairs and current or prospective faculty members must complete Faculty Action Packets (FAP). These packets are essential for processing recommendations and are considered on a rolling basis. The Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs confirms completeness of FAPs upon receipt of the following components:

  • Chair Letter of Recommendation
  • Chair Recommendation Form
  • Faculty Personal Information Form
  • Professional References Form

Faculty Action Packets may be returned to the Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs via:

Office of the Dean, School of Medicine
Attention: Office of Faculty & Academic Affairs
New York Medical College
40 Sunshine Cottage Road
Valhalla, NY 10595

  • Fax:  (914) 594-4565

If you have any questions, our staff is available to assist you; if you would like to schedule a consultation related the FAP preparation or materials, please also contact us at (914) 594-4500.