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Faculty Performance Evaluations

The School of Medicine (SOM) is committed to supporting the ongoing professional growth of its faculty in their capacities as educators, researchers, and lifelong learners. Our policies regarding academic freedom, ethics, responsibility, tenure, and promotion are uniformly applied to all faculty members, both current and prospective, fostering a culture defined by collaboration, integrity, accountability, and mutual respect.

We place great emphasis on conducting regular faculty assessments and performance evaluations, employing systematic review processes. These evaluations are designed to assist each faculty member in achieving their career objectives while aligning with the overarching mission, objectives, and priorities of the school and its various departments.

Comprehensive guidelines for these evaluations are outlined in the SOM's Faculty Performance Evaluation Policy and Procedures, found on the SOM policies webpage, providing detailed insights into the assessment framework and expectations. The following includes a summary of the process pertinent to faculty members as well as "Frequently Asked Questions."

Frequently Asked Questions

I have had a faculty appointment for less than a year - does the review still apply to me?
Yes, All full-time faculty participate in the process independent of how long you have been with the institution.  The reviews are an important opportunity for you to meet with your department chair or their designee to discuss how things are going, and to talk about your goals for the upcoming year, etc.

I received the "NYMC Faculty Performance Evaluation Launch!" email from FacultyAffairs@nymc.edu.  When I click on "Review Document" I am taken to the faculty Affairs Website.  Why doesn't it open in Docusign?
The email was intended to inform the community of our Docusign platform and its appearance in your email inbox.  The Docusign image is not a link and therefore will not take you to a Docusign evaluation.  You will receive an email from Docusign that will contain a live link to your personalized Faculty Performance Evaluation.

I entered information into my evaluation in Docusign and exited Docusign to complete more later.  When I go back into Docusign my evaluation is blank, why?
You must click on ‘Finish Later’ for Docusign to save your work.  If you have clicked on ‘Finish Later’ and your data is lost, please contact the Office of Faculty and Academic Affairs.

When is the evaluation due?
Please aim to submit your evaluation to your chair/designee reviewer within 3 weeks of receiving this notice. Timely cooperation is crucial, as the evaluation process involves multiple steps as described. All evaluations must be received by the Dean no later than September.

How do I log in to Docusign?
Click on the link within the email you received to complete your performance evaluation; log in to Docusign with the same email address to which your performance evaluation email was received.

I'm logged into Docusign. Why can't I access the performance evaluation?
Please be sure you have logged into Docusign with the same email address to which the performance evaluation was received; the  email address identifies you in the Docusign platform. 

How do I navigate within Docusign?
Efficient navigation is achieved by scrolling through the document using your mouse, however you may also select the "Next" prompt located to left of the evaluation. 

How do I submit my performance evaluation?
After completing the evaluation and adding your signature, click "Finish" in the upper right-hand corner to submit.

What do I do if I hit Finish and Docusign is not accepting my submission?
If Docusign is not accepting your submission, you may have not completed a required question or uploaded your current CV.

Why am I receiving another email from Docusign, if I already completed my performance evaluation?
You have the opportunity to review the evaluation and feedback provided by your department chair or their designee that is sent back to you in the Docusign platform. You will need to attest that you have reviewed the returned assessment

May I speak with someone on the phone about my question?
The Office of Faculty Affairs can be reached at 914-594-4500.


  1. Update your curriculum vitae.
  2. A link to your performance evaluation will be sent to your preferred email.
  3. Select the link and sign into the Docusign platform utilizing your preferred email.
  4. Complete the Docusign form, including self-assessment and your goals for the upcoming academic year; you may enter information directly as well as copy/paste information using other documents. 
  5. Upload your updated curriculum vitae.
  6. Electronically sign your evaluation.
  7. Click Finish to submit to the department chair.
  8. The department chair/designee will complete their portion of your evaluation providing you feedback and solidifying goals and expectations for the upcoming academic year.
  9. Your chair/designee's evaluation will be returned to you for your review and attestation.
  10. Select Finish to submit your evaluation to the Dean of the SOM.