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SOM/GSBMS Faculty Handbook

The SOM/GSBMS Faculty Handbook (“Handbook”) summarizes general guidelines related to institutional policies and procedures pertinent to college governance. It is not intended to be comprehensive nor to address all the possible applications of, or exceptions to, the official policies and procedures of NYMC, including but not limited to the policies outlined in the NYMC Employee Handbook. Faculty who are employees of NYMC are also subject to the NYMC Employee Handbook and should familiarize themselves with its contents. Some of the topics described in this Handbook are covered in detail in official policy and procedure documents of the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate as well as the Faculty Constitution and ByLaws (“By-Laws”). Responsibility for the contents and accuracy of the Faculty Handbook resides with the Deans of the School of Medicine and Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. We encourage you to refer to the documents mentioned for specific information since this Handbook only briefly summarizes those policies, procedures, and institutional guidelines. Failure to comply with any NYMC policy is grounds for disciplinary action up to and including termination. Every effort has been made to compile a Handbook that is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. However, this faculty resource is considered a “live” document that is updated iteratively and on an as-needed basis. Please note that the terms of the full official policies are controlling in the case of any inconsistency. This Handbook is not written to confer any rights or privileges on faculty or impose any obligations on NYMC.