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Graduate Medical Education (GME)

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The NYMC School of Medicine Anonymous Faculty, Resident/Fellow Concern Form should only be used by New York Medical College residents/fellows or New York Medical College faculty to report matters of concern. This form is anonymous and therefore it may inhibit our ability to provide feedback to you directly. If you would like to speak directly with someone on this or any other matter please contact the Designated Institutional Official at (914) 594-2020. We appreciate your willingness to provide feedback to improve your program.

Graduate Medical Education (GME) consists of the residency and fellowship programs that prepare medical graduates to become competent, compassionate, board-certified physicians in the specialty or subspecialty of their choice. With approximately 350 residents and fellows in more than 20 programs – including two graduate dental education programs – NYMC has created a large GME consortium of teaching hospitals in New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. Our GME programs provide four essential ingredients:

  • Expert, board-certified faculty
  • Extensive and varied clinical experiences
  • Academic support and resources
  • Opportunities to participate in clinical and translational research 

The School of Medicine sponsors at least one residency program in each major medical specialty; these opportunities are based in our affiliated academic medical centers, university hospitals and other affiliated hospitals and health care agencies.

Some of the GME programs are sponsored by NYMC and offer comprehensive training within that institution. Other programs that are affiliated are sponsored by the participating site.


Sponsoring Institution

Because Graduate Medical Education (GME) is an essential component in the continuum of the education of physicians, New York Medical College (NYMC) sponsors GME programs and considers its sponsorship integral to the College's primary mission of providing excellence in medical education.

It is NYMC policy to sponsor at least one residency program in each major medical specialty to ensure academic excellence and the availability of high quality health care to the community. Additional residencies and subspecialty fellowships accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) are sponsored at affiliated medical centers, hospitals and health care institutions based on an assessment of available faculty, clinical and educational resources, and the medical needs of the community.

NYMC sponsors GME programs at its affiliated academic medical centers, university hospitals, and other affiliated hospitals and health care agencies. The College and its major affiliates formed the New York Medical College Medical Education Consortium in 1992 to ensure continuation of the provision of uniformly high quality educational programs, and we continue to work together towards this goal. As the ACGME-designated sponsor of the GME programs, NYMC assumes the ultimate responsibility for its programs.

The College complies with the Institutional Requirements of the ACGME and ensures that its GME programs comply with the Program Requirements of the specific specialty or subspecialty.