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Curriculum Redesign

Curriculum Redesign Steering Committee Membership


  • Ira Bedzow, PhD, Assistant Professor of Medicine
  • Matthew Kapklein, MD, Chair of the Education and Curriculum Committee, Program Director WMC Pediatrics Residency
  • Patrick Lento, MD, Director of Pathology/Pathophysiology Course
  • Kenneth Lerea, PhD, Director of Histology/Cell Biology Course
  • Dana Mordue, PhD, Department of Microbiology and Immunology
  • Andrew Powers, PhD, Director of Pharmacology Course
  • Libor Velisek, MD, PhD, Director of Neurosciences Course
  • Jeanne Wilson, MD, Director of Foundations of Clinical Medicine 1 and 2
  • Lori Solomon, MD MPH, Department Chair Family Medicine


  • Jennifer Koestler, MD, Senior Associate Dean of Medical Education
  • Pamela Lucchesi, PhD, FAHA, Associate Dean for Faculty Development
  • Pamela Ludmer, MD, MMEL, Associate Dean for Curriculum Integration, Chair
  • Kristina Harris-Petersen, PhD, Director, University Academic Support, Department of Biochemistry
  • Katharine Yamulla, MA, Senior Director of Competency Based Assessment and Clinical Skills Education


  • Marcus Foo, MS4
  • Evan Formosa, MS3
  • Cassidy Hart, MS3
  • Juliet Jacobson, MS2
  • Ojiugo Onwumere, MS2
  • Yaffa Sachs, MS2
  • Philip Sang, MS3
  • James Stevensen, MS4