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Foundations of Clinical Medicine

The Foundations in Clinical Medicine is a longitudinal course that spans first and second years and offers students the opportunity to learn basic principles required for the practice of medicine through interactive large and small group seminars, direct patient interaction, one-on-one mentorship by practicing clinicians, and standardized patient/ simulation training sessions. Topics covered in this course include medical interviewing, the screening physical examination, doctor-patient relationship, clinical reasoning, humanism and professionalism, and health promotion/ disease prevention. Coursework is delivered by faculty in a variety of manners including: interactive lectures, skill-building small group sessions, clinical reasoning exercises, role-play, and directly supervised patient interaction. Students also have the ability to enhance clinical skills using standardized patients—trained actors playing the part of patients—and patient simulators in our new Clinical Skills Training Center. Another unique feature of this course is the direct mentorship offered to all students though a longitudinal clinical training preceptorship. Beginning in year one of training, all students are assigned to a primary care physician for the academic year.