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SOM Policies

Below is a listing of the NYMC School of Medicine (SOM) specific policies. Additional College-wide policies can be found on the College Policies page. Policies and procedures related to financial aid are available on the Policies and Procedures page. Policies listed below may be amended at any time, in accordance with applicable NYMC policies and procedures except as otherwise provided in such policies. Questions regarding School of Medicine policies should be directed to the SOM Office of the Dean at (914) 594-4500. Additional information and forms are available from the SOM Office of Undergraduate Medical Education.

SOM Handbooks and Bylaws

Policies Related to Academic Programs and Student Promotions

  1. Assignment of Credit Hours Policy
  2. SOM Policy on Duty Hours Phase 2 and Phase 3
  3. General Guidelines for Management of Academic Deficiencies
  4. SOM Policy on Grade and Evaluation Appeals
  5. Grading Policy for Phase 1 of MD Program
  6. Course and Clerkship Grading Policy for Year One And Year Two LEGACY CURRICULUM
  7. SOM Grading Policy for Phase 2 and Phase 3
  8. Leave of Absence Policy
  9. Medical Student Supervision & Teaching Policy
  10. SOM Policy on Student Attendance and Absence
  11. SOM Policy on NBME Retakes for third year medical students
  12. Policy and Guidelines for NYMC-SOM Students on Extramural Electives
  13. Formally Request an Alternate Education Site or Curriculum Assignment
  14. Time Limitations for Completion of the Curriculum
  15. USMLE Examination and Clinical Competency Examination Requirements
  16. SOM Policy Education Regarding Exposure Infectious Environmental Hazards
  17. SOM Policy on Student Promotions
  18. Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) Policy 
  19. SOM Policy on Adverse Action Appeals
  20. SOM Extended Study-Advanced Research (ESAR) Path Policy
  21. SOM Amount of Tuition Payment Due for Students Who Withdraw or Take Leave
  22. Policy on Payment of Tuition and Fees By Foreign Medical Students
  23. Policy on USMLE Step 3/COMLEX Level 3

Policies Related to the Administration of Educational Programs

  1. Faculty Lecture Capture Policy and Procedure for NYMC SOM
  2. Student Assessment Policy in Req. Courses and Clerkships: Narrative Assessment
  3. Student Assessment Policy in Req. Courses and Clerkships: Formative Feedback
  4. SOM Policy on Scheduling of Phase 1 Classes
  5. Policy on Year One and Two Examination Scheduling
  6. Policy on Electronic Exam Delivery in the School Of Medicine
  7. Request an Alt. Education Site/Curriculum Assignment During Clinical Curriculum
  8. SOM Policy on Timely Grades and Feedback
  9. SOM Student Assessment Recusal Policy

SOM Policies Related to Faculty 

  1. SOM Alternate Pathway Policy and Procedure
  2. SOM Faculty Grievance Policy and Procedure
  3. SOM Sabbatical Policy and Procedure
  4. SOM Tenure Policy and Procedure
  5. SOM Faculty Appointment, Promotion, and Reappointment Policy & Procedure
  6. SOM Faculty Performance Evaluation Policy and Procedure

Additional information and forms are available from the SOM Office of Faculty Affairs.

Policies Related to Professional Behavior and Learning Environment

  1. Policy on Professionalism
  2. Compact Between the Teacher and Learner for the NYMC SOM
  3. SOM Student Mistreatment Policy
  4. UME Policy on Residents and Fellows Preparation for Teaching

Policies Related to Student Admission

  1. NYMC SOM Diversity Policy
  2. Policy for the Selection of Medical Students
  3. Technical Standards for Admissions and Continued Enrollment - NYMC-SOM

Additional information and forms are available from the SOM Office of Admissions.