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Advising and Mentorship

There is no question about it: Medical school is challenging. There is an extraordinary amount of information to absorb, many skills to master and a wide range of possible educational and career paths to take. We understand this and are committed to supporting—and staying engaged with—our students throughout the experience.

In 2013, we officially introduced the School of Medicine’s Virtual House System as the cornerstone of our longitudinal career advising, mentorship and professionalism program. The Virtual House program seeks to create a community of mentorship and guidance that supports School of Medicine students throughout their four years at NYMC and beyond.

In addition to this program, we also offer our students extensive academic support—bolstered by peer learning partners, workshops, and study partners— as well as targeted career-planning resources, including  American Medical College’s (AAMC) “Careers in Medicine” web-based tool, from the outset of their medical school career.