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Career Planning for Medical Students

At the NYMC School of Medicine, we provide abundant support and career guidance for our medical students. Our program provides structured advising so you can clearly map out your professional life after medical school. During your fourth year, we’ll also provide planning sessions, residency interview guidance, and other tools to help you navigate the path to residency. Explore all of our career and residency planning services below.

Career Planning Curriculum

The Career Planning Curriculum is designed to provide you with an effective longitudinal career advising curriculum which:

  • is intentionally integrated into the formal curriculum
  • includes new and existing career-focused elements
  • provides a comparable foundation to all students
  • utilizes benchmarks to support students in their career planning process
  • utilizes the AAMC CiM resources including user activity reports
  • aligns with the most current LCME requirements and elements
  • supports additional studies/advanced research, in certain specialties, to enhance competitiveness
  • provides resources for those students desiring an additional degree
  • includes information and resources on alternative careers
  • undergoes ongoing CQI based on changes to requirements, residency environment, student feedback and Match/career outcomes data.

“What should I do for the rest of my professional life?” 

Every student is faced with this difficult decision throughout medical school, especially as the senior year approaches…

The Career Planning Curriculum at New York Medical College School of Medicine supports you as you explore career options in medicine, provides structured advising as you decide among various specialty choices, and paves the path for you to succeed as you embark upon your professional journey. We accomplish these goals by creating the foundation necessary to cultivate leadership and professionalism, by facilitating early and sustained exposure to various career options, and by fostering an atmosphere of dedicated mentorship by faculty, staff, and alumni.

In the end, choosing a career is up to each individual student, but NYMC's Career Planning Curriculum is here to help you navigate the way so that your choice is not only easier to make, but also more likely to lead to a lifetime of professional fulfillment.