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Diversity and Inclusion

New York Medical College has a strong commitment to diversity, dating back to our earliest years as a medical school. Diversity and Inclusion works to ensure that the College’s student body, faculty and staff reflect the breadth of backgrounds and ethnic composition of the communities we and our graduates serve. 

Creating an inclusive environment means that we not only welcome diverse students to our campus, we also make every effort to ensure their success here and throughout their careers. All students at NYMC have the opportunity to take advantage of the wide range of services—tutorial services, career counseling, financial counseling, personal guidance and many other services—we offer to ensure that they thrive here.

We also work on faculty and staff recruitment and retention, ensuring that minority candidates and current employees have every opportunity for advancement. We continue to strengthen our performance in this area and welcome questions and feedback.

Lunch with the Diversity and Inclusion Dean in the Cafeteria on the following dates:

NOTE: Postponed until further notice.

Meet with the Dean

Office hours for time slots for individual meetings in 15, 30, 45, 60 minutes slots are as follows. Please email diversityinc@nymc.edu to sign up for a time slot. 

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion is located in the Administration Building in Sunshine Cottage. 2nd floor. Room 216A.

NOTE: All office hours will be virtualPlease email diversityinc@nymc.edu to sign up for a time slot. Notification for virtual hours with request for in person as needed to be made.

School of Medicine - Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Administration Building (Sunshine Cottage), Room 216A
(914) 594-3881

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