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Transition to Medical School Contacts

Useful Contacts, Locations & Telephones
You may find the following contact information useful. For additional telephone numbers, please browse the College's website or refer to your orientation material. For general assistance please call the College's main telephone number: (914) 594-4000.

Office of Medical Student Affairs 
Andrew Mutnick, M.D.
Interim Senior Associate Dean of Student Affairs
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
New York Medical College SOM
(914) 594-3016
Office of Undergraduate Medical Education
Jennifer Koestler, M.D.

Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education 
Administration Bldg. - Sunshine Cottage 
(914) 594-4609
Office of Student Financial Planning
Anthony M. Sozzo, M.S. in Ed., M.A.

Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Director of Student Financial Planning and
Student Activities
Administration Bldg. - Sunshine Cottage
(914) 594-4491
Office of Student And Residential Life
Katherine Dillon, M.S.W.
Director of Student & Residential Life 
Administration Bldg. - Sunshine Cottage
(914) 594-4527
Office of the Registrar
Eileen Romero

Administration Bldg. - Sunshine Cottage
(914) 594-4495

Office of the Bursar
Karin Ahyoung
Administration Bldg. - Sunshine Cottage
(914) 594-4319

Student Health Services
Marisa Montecalvo, M.D.

Director of Health Services
Basic Sciences Building (BSB)
(914) 594-4234 or 4234
Campus Security
William Allison 

Director of Security 
Basic Sciences Building (BSB)
(914) 594-4577