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Medical Student Oath

As a member of the New York Medical College Class of 2024,​ beginning this journey during these unforeseen circumstances,
I stand here today, before my loved ones and fellow members of the medical community, to accept my white coat and the responsibilities with which it comes.

I take this oath with the goal of becoming the best physician I can be. 

I pledge to remain humble, open-minded and to honor the legacy of the physicians who have come before me by paying it forward in the same scholarly tradition.
I recognize my duty to adapt to the dynamic landscape of medicine and to the tremendous growth in biotechnology. 

I pledge to help each individual entrusted to my care to the best of my ability, in line with the founding principles of New York Medical College.
I recognize that my treatment of patients should not only reflect scientific knowledge, but also the art of empathetic care. 

I pledge to be an effector of positive change in society and an advocate for the collective health of humankind.
I recognize that my newly afforded position bestows upon me unique responsibilities, which I will use to make our field of medicine a safe space by promoting equity, inclusion, and belonging. 

I pledge to care for myself and my peers so that together we can provide the best service to our patients and community.
I recognize that medical school is a challenging and arduous endeavor and I must ensure my well-being in order to provide consistent care as a physician in training.
I recognize that our collective success means the best outcome for all and I will utilize inter-professional collaboration to enhance the patient experience.            

With humility, honor, and gratitude, we, the students of New York Medical College Class of 2024, accept these white coats as we embark on our journey to become both skilled physicians and genuine healers.