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International Exchange Program

Limited opportunities are available for international students attending medical schools outside the United States and Canada to do clinical electives at New York Medical College. 

The College has student exchange programs with four foreign medical schools:  Tokai University School of Medicine in Japan, the Catholic University of Korea in Seoul, Semmelweis University in Hungary, and the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.  Under exchange agreements with these schools, full-time students in good standing may be accepted for one or more electives at the College.  Electives may not exceed 12 weeks under any circumstances. 

On occasion the College may accept medical students from other foreign medical schools at the specific request of NYMC faculty members if there are compelling reasons for the request, with the approval of the Vice Dean for Medical Education. 

All requests for electives from international medical students, whether at a school affiliated with the College or not, must be forwarded to the International Student and Scholar Advisor.  In all cases when requests for electives come from a faculty member on behalf of a foreign medical student, the International Student and Scholar Advisor will forward the request to the Vice Dean for Medical Education for approval. 

Requirements for international medical students:

  1. Electives are available only to full-time students in good standing at recognized medical schools.
  2. Students must be in their final year of medical school.
  3. Students must be fluent in English.
  4. Electives are generally limited to one four-week rotation.
  5. Applications must be received no later than three months before the start date of the elective. 

International medical applicants must submit the following materials before an elective can be approved:

  1. A letter from the Dean or other appropriate official of the student’s foreign medical school indicating that the student is currently enrolled, is in good standing, and has permission for the elective at NYMC.
  2. The student’s C.V.
  3. Medical school transcript
  4. Proof of malpractice insurance
  5. Proof of health insurance 

Visiting students are subject to the same rules and regulations that apply to NYMC students.  Participation in electives is based on satisfactory performance, English language skills, and behavior.  Once an elective is approved, no changes in assignments are allowed. 

Visiting international students are not considered degree candidates at NYMC, and student visas will not be issued to them.  New York State requires an application fee of $30 for visiting students doing electives at medical schools in New York.  If an international applicant is accepted for an elective, the International Student and Scholar Advisor will advise the student on how to apply for a New York State certificate of eligibility for the elective. 

All visiting international students must pay a $75 international visiting student fee.