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Medical Students from LCME/AOA Accredited Schools

NYMC accepts visiting medical students – from LCME/AOA accredited schools – who are actively progressing toward their degree at their institutions – who wish to take elective courses at NYMC. Applicants for electives must be full-time matriculated students, in the final year of their training, and be in good academic standing at their home school. They must apply through AAMC’s Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS). 

Visiting students may enroll in up to eight weeks of elective courses during any academic year. No tuition will be charged by NYMC; however, adequate malpractice insurance covering the visiting student’s activities while in attendance at the School of Medicine must be provided by the parent medical school, along with verification of immunization to certain infectious diseases. All of the pertinent New York Medical College School of Medicine policies and procedures that are in place for our own students will also be applicable to visiting students. 

Opportunities for international students attending medical schools outside the United States and Canada to complete clinical electives at NYMC-affiliated clinical sites are extremely limited. Currently, the School of Medicine has an active student exchange program with Tokai University School of Medicine in Japan.