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Why NYMC School of Medicine

There are many reasons to choose to study medicine at NYMC. Here are a few.

You will gain real-world experience while at medical school. Between our tradition of diversity and our many affiliate hospitals and community service opportunities, you will learn with and from students and faculty who are representative of the populations you will serve. And you will serve them, in various institutions and communities across the region. NYMC accepted women as early as 1863 and graduated women of color beginning in 1870. We were also the first medical school in the U.S. to establish a scholarship program for minority students.

You will thrive in our humanistic culture. With a culture that is more collaborative than competitive, a patient-centered approach to delivering medical care, and an emphasis on compassion, empathy and communication, the School of Medicine trains physicians who look at patients as people, not as mere carriers of illness and injury. You will learn to treat the whole person and acknowledge and attend to their needs, both physical and emotional.

You will be prepared to get the match you want. Thanks to our commitment to early, hands-on experience with patients, our exceptional faculty and curriculum, and our emphasis on compassionate care, you will be well prepared for immediate career success. Our students match at many of the strongest residency programs in the country, and our residency match rate for School of Medicine graduates is consistently higher than the national average.

You will study at a resource-rich institution. With more than 150 years of success behind us, the School of Medicine is poised for future growth and innovation. In 2011, NYMC joined the Touro College and University System, encompassing approximately 18,000 students studying at 29 locations in the U.S. and internationally. This transition ushered in a new era of growth, diversity and opportunity for the College — and for you.