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Alumni in the Community

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Jessie StonePreventing Malaria in Uganda

While kayaking in Uganda in 2003, Jessie Stone, M.D. ’99, observed rampant malaria among local villagers—not surprising, considering the scarcity of basic health care in the region and lack of awareness about malaria prevention, even steps as simple as the use of mosquito nets. Dr. Stone decided to tackle the problem, beginning with simple malaria education sessions for villagers. She purchased bulk supplies of insecticide-treated mosquito nets and sold them to families at subsidized prices. During the past four years, Dr. Stone and her team have distributed more than 23,000 mosquito nets and conducted 5,000 follow-up interviews. The good news: malaria cases are down and families are spending less money per month on the disease overall, she says. Read more…


School of Health Sciences and Practice

Having a Disability Doesn’t Rule Out Fitness

Everyone needs to be physically fit, even if they are wheelchair-bound or vision-impaired. This simple tenet prompted Tom Willson, P.T., M.S. ’01, and Jessica Magro, P.T., M.S. ’01, to designed a strengthening and conditioning program for students with special needs at IS 84 in the Bronx.

They asked themselves: If a child’s fitness is poor and they’re exhausted from walking from class to class with a load of books, how is that student going to learn in the classroom? The two physical therapists, former classmates at New York Medical College, made sure their program would provide cardiovascular as well as muscular strength conditioning, essential for youngsters who must be able to maneuver wheelchairs, often on public transportation, manage stairs or carry groceries. Read more…


Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences

The Science of Diabetes Management

A group of elementary and high school students coping with juvenile diabetes wanted to know more about managing their health, so they went right to the source. They paid a visit to the laboratory of Edward J. Messina, Ph.D., professor of physiology, for a demonstration and scientific explanation of the insulin response—not just on metabolism but on the vascular system. Dr. Messina explained that insulin’s ability to affect blood flow may offer clues to why exercise and weight management are often so effective in treating diabetes.

Dr. Messina is one of dozens of faculty members in the Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences who routinely host high school and college students, and sometimes their science teachers, providing learning opportunities in real working laboratories. . Read more…