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D.P.T. students act local, think global


DPT Global Outreach ProjectTen members of the Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) Class of 2015 in the School of Health Sciences and Practice used their knowledge from the classroom and shared it far beyond the borders of the NYMC campus. They completed their community service project, Global Outreach, working with the Afya Foundation, an organization that supports ongoing health initiatives in Africa and the Caribbean by supplying critically needed surplus medical supplies, hospital equipment and humanitarian provisions.

D.P.T. students rolled up their sleeves and refurbished used crutches, canes and wheelchairs at Afya’s warehouse in Yonkers, N.Y. They repaired brakes and foot rests and tested the equipment to make sure it was functional and safe again and ready to be crated and shipped to areas of need. They collected other durable medical items such as walkers, canes, crutches and commodes to donate to Afya as well.

NYMC DPT Global Cares ProjectStudents put their ingenuity to the test and tapped their inner MacGyver skills to design and build three gurneys made from a tarp and PVC pipe—materials donated from the local Home Depot. The students were pleased to learn their gurneys were well received in Sierra Leone where they are being used to transport pregnant women who have to traverse over a river in a canoe and up a mountain to see the local doctor and give birth.

The third part of their year long project was to develop exercise brochures for stroke patients that Afya will distribute throughout the world.

Global Outreach Project DPT StudentsThis year’s Global Outreach project was conducted by Yelena Bregman, Jennifer DeMarco, Jillian Erickson, David Halbert, Kelsey Johnsen, Leon Knight, Carolyn McCaw, Althea Parry-Childerley, Dominique Torres and David Wallace with the guidance of faculty advisors Catherine Curtis, P.T., Ed.D., assistant professor of physical therapy,  and Gale Lavinder, P.T. Ed.D., assistant professor of physical therapy.


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