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Funding your graduate education at New York Medical College is a noteworthy investment. This venture requires a great deal of time, energy and thought. The Office of Student Financial Planning at New York Medical College offers students a financial program that assists them with their decision making before, during and even after they have graduated from New York Medical College. The Office strives to help students find and understand the numerous financial resources available and how these resources will impact their lives. Our goal is to sharpen your financial literacy, avoid costly mistakes and help you make sound and educated financial choices. New York Medical College graduates have one of the lowest student loan default rates in the nation. We believe our students have benefited from the 100-plus combined years of expertise of the Student Financial Planning Office. The field of financial aid is always changing. Technological advances are upon us and students have the ability to take better ownership of their financial aid information via school and industry websites. However, keep in mind that the best source of financial aid information lies with the Office of Student Financial Planning, and we are always happy to help.