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Dental Linker Program

On this page you will find both the estimated Cost of Attendance/Budget and Tuition and Fees for the 2024-2025 Academic Year

Cost of Attendance/budget is the total estimated cost for the academic year and contains expenses that students will incur including:

  • Direct educational expenses (such as tuition, fees and on-campus housing that will appear on the bill) and
  • Indirect costs (expenses not on the bill, but students may have such as books/supplies, transportation, off-campus living expenses, etc.)

Financial aid offers cannot exceed the Cost of Attendance/Budget.


Tuition and Fees listed here are directly billed by the Bursar’s Office at NYMC. Scroll down to view the Tuition and Fees and important deadlines.

  • Questions regarding Tuition and Fees and payment should be directed to the Bursar’s Office


Cost of Attendance/Budget

Questions regarding your Cost of Attendance/Budget should be directed to the Office of Student Financial Planning

Dental Linker 2025 Class On-Campus With Parent Off-Campus
Direct Expenses      
Tuition 46,451 46,451 46,451
Fees 970 970 970
Entrance Fee 155 155 155
On-Campus Housing 14,184 NA NA
CIL Fee*  680 NA NA
Indirect Expenses      
Books 1,968 1,968 1,968
Food 5,598 5,598 5,597
Off-Campus Housing NA 12,984 18,382
Utilities  NA NA 1,817
Transportation 2,388 2,388 4,170
Personal 4,886 4,886 4,886
TOTAL** 77,280 75,400 84,396


For NYMC Health Insurance information and rates, please visit the NYMC Health Insurance website.

*The CIL fee was formerly the Telecommunications Fee

**Adhering to new federal regulations for 2023-2024, an additional $750 will be added to your first semester’s cost of attendance to assist with purchasing a computer. If you do not need the additional $750, we strongly suggest reducing the amount of loans funds you accept by this amount.

**When calculating the amount of money you will borrow, from the budgets listed above you must take into consideration the Federal mandated origination fees. Access Types of Aid for additional information.

Once the specific on- or off-campus total budget has been met, no additional funds will be available. Your current outstanding consumer debt cannot be included in the budget.

*Projected as of 5/9/2024

Tuition and Fees

Questions regarding Tuition and Fees and payment should be directed to the Bursar’s Office

Dental Linker 2025 Class     Fall 2024 Spring 2025     Total
Tuition          23,226        23,225    46,451
Campus Fee                83               82        165
Entrance Fee              155          155
Health Services Fee               88              87        175
Life Experience Fee             110             110        220
Academic Support Fee             100             100        200
Technology Fee               75              75        150
Activity Fee 30 30 60
Total        $23,867         $23,709    $47,576


  SUMMER 2024 FALL 2024 SPRING 2025
DENTAL LINKER           n/a 6/26/2024 12/25/2025


A $100 late fee is billed every 30 days from the payment due date on all outstanding balances of $500 or more.  

Students enrolled in the official payment plan through Touchnet are not subject to the $100 fee unless they default.

Students who receive federal student aid are subject to both the general New York Medical College refund policy and a separate Federal Title IV Funds Refund Policy. View all financial aid-related policies and procedures.

Payment Options

Master’s students may pay tuition in one lump sum by credit card or e-check (through the portal), financial aid, and/or other tuition remission or special arrangement (e.g. scholarship).  Students who wish to use student loans to pay for their tuition must apply through the Office of Student Financial Planning well in advance of registration, and must complete and sign all the required forms and loan agreements prior to registration.

NYMC employees, spouses, dependent children, and employees of NYMC affiliates may also be entitled to some tuition remission. Please visit the Bursar or Human Resources for more details. Dental Linker program tuition payment and refund schedule is available on the Bursar refund information page.