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Debt Management Services

The Office of Student Financial Planning would like to introduce our free debt management services intended to help you manage your student loans. We extend these services to all New York Medical College graduates and residents in New York Medical College sponsored Graduate Medical Education programs.

Our objective is to make sure that the complexities of student loan debt management and the repayment process are eased for you. You ventured on the road to an exciting and rewarding career when you entered medical school. Now, when you are on the verge of accomplishing your goal, we want to assure you that the transition to the loan repayment phase will be smooth and simple.

For additional help regarding Stafford and/or Graduate PLUS loans contact:
New York Medical College
Office of Student Financial Planning
Administration Building
Valhalla, NY 10595
Hours: 9-5, Monday-Friday
Phone: (914) 594-4491

For additional help regarding loans administered by New York Medical College:
Loan Repayment Coordinator
(914) 594-4473